Last article, we saying the New year Ugadi. Now we shall see the first festival after Ugadi i.e. the Sri Rama Navami. This festival is just just about the birthday celebrations of Lord Ram. As Navami stands for number 9 in Sanskrit, this festival comes exactly after 9 days of Ugadi. There is a report in addition to than the celebrations. It seems long long ago, King Dasharatha who was ruling the Kosala kingdom had 3 wives – Kausalya, Kaikeyi and Sumithra. He had anything that a king would envy for except children. Those days it was a practice to play in a role yagnas or rituals when offerings to the Fire God, Agni Deva. So, as suggested by the Gurus, King Dasharatha settled to take effect the Putrakameshti Yagna or the ritual which would find the money for him children. As a wealthy king would do it, Dasharatha performed the yagna previously courteous fervor and Agni, complimentary when his offerings came out of ember and blessed him like a pot of a satisfying preparation. He also said that the magic pot following the cute preparation would calm occurring him comply his desired aspiration. King Dasharatha was totally glad to have the pot and he short it to his wives who were equally glad to do it. Now, here Dasharatha had his brains dispensation adroitly and distributed the good equally to his wives Kausalya and Kaikeyi single-handedly. He purposefully left Sumithra out of the part and left everybody wondering because as they knew Sumithra was his wife dearest.For more information click hereĀ Happy republic day 2019 poems

Kausalya and Kaikeyi vis–vis hearing that Sumithra never got a share, offered to part their allocation of the portion equally. They both did this separately and thus Sumithra got 50% of the pleasurable – 25% from Kausalya and 25% from Kaikeyi. This is what Dasharatha wanted probably as he was supple to safe majority of the sweet for his dearest wife without exasperating the elder 2 wives. It was a practice in very old days that kings marry as many as 4 epoch in order to construct a pleasing empire and a huge successor. Now that his wives consumed the delectable, accordingly in due course of period (the day behind the Punarvasu star shined) they gave birth to four children Rama, Bharata, Laxmana and Shatrughna. Now Kausalya gave birth to Rama, Kaikeyi to Bharata, and Sumithra gave birth to Laxmana and Shatrughna because that was the proportion in which they consumed the lovable – Kausalya 25%, Kaikeyi 25% and Sumithra – 25%+25%=50%. And they all lived happily because the king, his wives and his subjects got each and every one of one single one what they wanted.

It is believed that Lord Ram is the giver of anything in moving picture.
He is the Maryadaa Purushottam meaning the ideal Man. There is nobody improved than him. He is furthermore
Ekabani – meaning considering than a single sealed shot of arrow he is kills the opponent
Ekapatni vratastha – meaning eternally wedded and devoted to a single wife and
Ekavachani – meaning he won’t go to come happening on the order of his words each and every one may happen.

Sri Rama Taaraka mantra

Sri Rama Rama Rameti – is the mantra to be uttered or written one crore or 10 million grow obsolete and it is believed that it will fulfil one’s intention whatever it may be.

Now coming along with to celebrations, the previous day of Rama Navami, to mark the readiness of waiting for a baby, people prepare cooking items supposed to be only eaten by the pregnant ladies without much oil, spices etc.

The adjacent day gone Lord SriRam is born, they celebrate the cradling ceremony by metaphorically decorating a lemon, cradling and naming it. I think the joy that comes when it and the knowledge that is shared gone the children or neighboring generation is more important than the rituals. That is why in early times men and women knew most of the things about the diet during pregnancy, precautions to be taken by pregnant ladies in handling household doing etc. These days in front there are no joint families and people are opting for nuclear families, it has become a common practice to depend single-handedly in financial credit to the doctors or midwives for any routine or emergency condition of pregnancy.

Because of this dependency, the problems linked behind parenting, child nutrition then have increased several manifolds. That is why probably the antiquated people pronounce – OLD IS GOLD.

So, go grab the telephone/email/snail mail, make that call to your parents, grand-parents who will be again glad to chat to you. Make them happy who used to acquire happy seeing you in the quality of you were little.

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