Nespresso C100 Essenza Automatic Single-Serve Espresso Machine is especially meant for the Nespresso capsules. Nespresso capsules put the space benefit in espresso. Preparation time and tidy taking place times is adjoining nil. It’s every one convenient benefit, espressos come out absolutely unconditional.

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By using capsules, you embrace to the guesswork out of making a enjoyable cup of Joe. Results are consistent because the grounds are premeasured and they stay open in the capsules.

Nespresso C100 makes espressos by perforating the hermetically sealed capsule and soaking the grounds to optimally filter it even though its high pressure 19-bar pump extracts all pleasurable from the grounds to your cup. What you profit is a full bodied espresso later than intensely mild crema on peak.

Other features of the Nespresso C100 put in:

Thermoblock heating system to heat water to the unconditional heritage temperature thus you profit a steaming hot mug in all glamor
Amount of coffee in can be manually controlled or programmed
Used capsule eject automatically into a used capsule crate for easy clean taking place
Included as well as the Nespresso c100 is the Aeroccino. With the Aeroccino, you can make perfectly frothed and/or mad milk for your macchiatos, cappuccinos and lattes. It’s totally comprehensible: lift the lid, pour the milk, near the lid and press the button. It froths for very approximately 50 seconds and heats milk in 80 seconds.

Key features of the Aeroccino are:

Dosage indicators, to show amount of milk froth or hot milk
Stay-remote handle
Drip-loose spout
Cordless design
Why Nespresso C100 is as a result popular?

It has the complete the pros that comes as soon as using Nespresso capsules or pods. It is: convenient, produces full flavored and full bodied espressos and comes in many variants
It is omnipotent espressos made easy
It has two settings: large mug and little cup
Extremely manageable: right of right of entry the lever, pop the pod in, muggy the lever and press the button. And you profit an espresso in just not quite 15 seconds
Clean taking place is truly easy as the blank pods drop into the pod-collecting crate gone you attraction the lever going on. Just slide the box out and dump in the trash and your permissible
Produces absolutely beatific crema: you agreement to that thick, golden foam that sits going in metaphor to for top of your espresso
The atmosphere of the espresso rivals those produced by machines in the thousands of dollars range
The Aeroccino that comes subsequent to it makes steaming and frothing user-simple as ably.
Pour milk in the Aeroccino and press the button, you do extremely thick foam every part of single time
It’s hard to deem a robot of this character at such a accord price
Some Things to Consider:

Produces lots of waste compared to using satisfying grinds. Nespresso should think of a recycling scheme for these pods thus that eco-flesh and blood consumers would offer their thumbs to this great invention
Exclusivity. Nespresso pods are abandoned possible online or in Nespresso stores
Pods usually contain a combination of Arabica (usually 95%) and Robusta; some purists will gripe very more or less this
More costly at (on the order of) $5.50 a sleeve, which contains 10 pods
The atmosphere and durability of Aeroccino can be bigger
Aeroccino oftentimes just warms the milk; the temperature is not hot sufficient for some
Nespresso C100 Review Summary:

Overall, the tandem of the Nespresso c100 and the Aeroccino is the best marriage of ease of admission and mood. The Nespresso makes exceptional espressos and the Aeroccino makes the best froth and steamed milk for your coffees. Very handy and convenient to use the price of these two machines profitably cannot be rivaled for the quality that they both have. Highly recommended.

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